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Tremblay Island

Three Tremblays start a country on an island, what could go wrong? · By Cinemint


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We have a 3DS build now!
We now have a working 3DS build! The reason behind this is that the 3DS has the capability to play GBA games in the same way that the Wii has the capability to...
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Pour terminer! Finally got v1.10 translated to French!!!
It's been a long time. A combination of me manufacturing almost 100 boxes on my kitchen table (?!), struggling to find a translator, and accidentally deleting w...
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New update with... two versions of the game?
Hey, y'all! I just pulled an all-nighter, and I'm tired of writing, so the long story is here on this blogpost I just wrote : Tremblay Island by Ethan Hill » T...
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Important notes about tonight's "Build 7"
Ahoy! So, I've been quietly releasing patches to the game as people have been reporting hiccups. I want to make sure this thing is as stable and feature-complet...
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Don't forget to expect patches over the next few weeks
Hello again! Remember, yesterday was just version 1.0. Now that I've let the game out into a sort of "open beta" period, I've already gotten a few reports of ty...
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Version 1.0 is out, and the Kickstarter is a wrap!!! À chaque contributeur, merci beaucoup!
We made it!!! It's official! We got to version 1.0! Now, this isn't going to be the last version, I'm going to have a slightly updated version of the game when...
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One week away from launch.
Well, it looks like we're finally one week away from launch. Now, this isn't to say that we're one week away from shipping out cartridges -- I'm still waiting o...
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Last post
I was getting ready to restart this via Steam when I noticed a discussion comment asking about 1.0 and was curious if th...
started by Hiroshi Mishima Aug 09, 2023
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Any chance you’ll be making any more cartridges of this? I’d love to pick one up!
started by BeaverAndGoose Feb 12, 2023
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Cute little game, broken into a few very short chapters. Worth investing a few hours in.
started by phantomthrill May 24, 2022
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