Don't forget to expect patches over the next few weeks

Hello again!

Remember, yesterday was just version 1.0. Now that I've let the game out into a sort of "open beta" period, I've already gotten a few reports of typos in the dialogue. I've managed to patch them pretty quickly, and I'll be hosting the latest version here on

Your save data is safe if you update! I won't be touching the save file. All you need to do is rename your TremblayIsland1_000.sav to TremblayIsland1_001.sav (or whatever matches the binary filename), and your save is kept! It's super easy to update.

Updates will no longer come when the cartridges ship. I'm doing this to make sure that the cartridges are as stable and feature-complete as possible.

Thanks to everyone for being patient.
- Ethan


TremblayIsland1_001.gba 15 MB
Mar 01, 2022

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