New update with... two versions of the game?

Hey, y'all! I just pulled an all-nighter, and I'm tired of writing, so the long story is here on this blogpost I just wrote : Tremblay Island by Ethan Hill » They're shiny. They're really, really shiny. — Kickstarter

Here's the short version:

  • New update (v.1.10) fixes typos!
  • There are now two versions, normal and SS (Solid State).
    • Solid state doesn't save to SRAM. Instead, you select your progress from a new chapter select.
    • This version is intended for cartridges that don't have save capabilities.
    • I would have made a single ROM, but it crashed on too many edge cases.

Thanks, guys!


TremblayIsland_010.gba 15 MB
Mar 24, 2022
TremblayIsland_010_SS.gba 15 MB
Mar 24, 2022

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