Important notes about tonight's "Build 7"


So, I've been quietly releasing patches to the game as people have been reporting hiccups. I want to make sure this thing is as stable and feature-complete as it can be before I write it onto cartridges.

The good news is that I added some content! There are keys you can find in four minigames. If you collect them all, beat the game, and restart, you will be greeted by yours truly and given the option to play any of the minigames you want from a menu! I thought it'd be a fun addition; it was a suggestion by a friend on the Discord server.

Also, you might notice a loading screen on some pages. Due to the volatile nature of saving onto bootleg flash cartridges, I was forced to change the saving behavior a bit. Instead of saving whenever you enter or leave a building, the game now saves when you complete chapters. You will see a brief screen appear to let you know of the change. This shouldn't be much of an inconvenience on desktop, but trust me - the game would be rendered completely unplayable on bootleg cartridges without it.

I also featured quite a few little optimizations and bug fixes just in case.

If you want to try an earlier build, check out my GitHub! I keep copies of all released builds in a folder aptly named "builds".

Thank you, everyone!


TremblayIsland1_007.gba 15 MB
Mar 13, 2022

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