Don't play the 012022 build!!! That was a dud - I made a new update!

Holy cow, I didn't know what I was thinking with that last build. It was playable if you had a save file, but many of you didn't. I was informed in a direct message on Kickstarter about it. It took me about four hours, but I managed to fix the issue! It's just not excusable when you've got a fully funded Kickstarter page to have a dud downloadable game file. However, I have played it (it took 45 minutes to speedrun) all the way to the credits.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, the link's over at Tremblay Island by Ethan Hill — Kickstarter if you want a physical copy of the game! The Kickstarter is the only way to buy a physical copy for GBA or PC.

The game won't be done until February 28th, and here's a brief list of known bugs / issues / polishes I need to take care of:

  • add "r trigger" sprites for most characters
  • add some extra mechanics to olivier's garden section
  • improve cesar's shop interface
  • remove error splashes upon vector overflows
  • implement "the skeleton picture" when you light gasoline cans on fire
  • tweak follow logic for other characters
  • add ability to delete saves
  • add extra entries to scout's digital journal
  • add extra dialogue for grandmere corinne's encounter in chapter three
  • add extra splash for when you beat breakout
  • make the castle record player finally work
  • double-check the colors of the in-game sprites for consistency
  • polish up some of the music tracks
  • (ambiguous) add other goodies and special events around the island
  • sometimes the landry house turns brown for some reason
  • when eleanor leaves her library, she's always at the bottom of the room instead of the top
  • the new housing section has the wrong music during the early chapters
  • fix the dialogue with grand-mere corinne
  • xp doesn't visibly drop when you buy an item
  • enoki changes outfits in chapter 12 for no reason
  • scout doesn't talk about the scout expo enough

Thank you everyone for your interest!


TremblayIsland_012222.gba 22 MB
Jan 22, 2022

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